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                                                        "Covid-19 and your chimney"  

Do not worry, your chimney will not give you covid. Neither will your service technician from Chimney Checkers.

Masks and gloves have been our standard since 2013. High filtration vacuums and the use of external fans when nesassary to vent by products from entering your home  during services. As well as drop cloths from the front door to the fire place, standard. Whether you live in a million dollar home or an outhouse you get the same level of respect and service as all people deserve. This may sound crass, but coming from very humble beginings I have seen first hand the difference some companies provide to home owners they think are not "profitable" clients. Shame on 'em.

Now lets get back to that chimney. I know it hard to think about when its a hundred degrees outside, but now is the time to prepare. The nation wide shut down put a lot of companies out of business, which means longer wait times for service's and parts avaibility at a all time low. We recently had a chimney repair delayed by two months waiting on a back ordered part. Not a pleasant though had this been winter and freezing out side.

So lets get America back to work, give us a call and be ready for the long cold winter ahead.

                                                                                                                  God Bless, Vince and Joe Chimney Checkers