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                                   ? What do you mean I need a chimney cleaning?

So, you are selling your home or possibly relocating from a rental property and are told to have your chimney cleaned and Inspected. But wait, you have not used your fireplace in years so it cant' possibly need to be cleaned right? You think an inspection is in order and are going to save some time and money by not cleaning an unused chimney. A technician arrives and upon first inspection tells you it needs cleaning to be properly inspected. What gives? Well let think this through, is the chimney unused or not used for some time. Unused is what it sounds like, no fires not even burning junk mail or paper waste materials. Or that week it was cold and you only burned a couple of logs in a bag to knock the chill off. This is use and prevents visual inspection of the flue liner. Think of it like your toilet, if you use it and don't flush for two years it is not magically going to clean its self. Gross but accurate.

Some times even truly unused chimneys need to be swept. Remember an inspection is looking for issues that can be hidden by anything. Spider webs, loose materials like leaves and animal nesting can block problems from being detected. Is saving a couple of bucks worth putting someones life in danger. An inspection report that states unable to properly inspect due to failure to clean is not the fault of the service company and still cost the same as a full and proper inspection. Think of it as asking if your car needs painting but there is a cover over the car that you don't want removed. Kind of impossible right?                                                                                                                

God Bless, Vince and Joe Chimney Checkers